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Unlock in Goa! Goa, is one of the most popular resort destinations in the world and in India, a true meting pot of Russian and other European and Indian cultures, cuisines from around the world, people in good spirits, the climate is still quite vibrant specially with its beaches and life style options, which makes it absolutely unique and different from the rest of India. It is Goa where Europeans and Russians constantly live, already mixed with the local population. If you want to feel a part of Russia or Europe without leaving India – head to Goa! Goa is open to tourists from the beginning of September 2020 without any restrictions on entry. Going back to 2013 it was in Goa where Russian Information Center was launched and pleased to announce our direct presence with our own staff in Goa.

Russian Information Center in India is now offering tourist packages with accommodation in unique and cozy home-style Hotels and Villas in Goa. Each package includes accommodation and free entry to the events, with the possibility to reserve a table, as well as an individual approach to each tourist from our international professional team based in North Goa! We look forward to your patronage and to receive you warmly in Goa, Unlock yourself in Goa!