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The Russian Federation, the largest country on the planet covering 11 time zones has the largest tourism sights, experiences and the largest potential in Europe, quite like what India has to offer compared to the rest of Asia.

Russia is a very lovely, potent and electric convergence of UNESCO World Heritage sights, Culture, History, Architecture, Adventure, Nature and Science, and nowadays accessibility and visa rules are quite simple with various tourism packages, fixed departures and other travel experiences being offered in India and globally.

Russia,  a destination that can offer whatever comes to your mind and whatever may be your area of interest including flying a MIG 29 2-seater fighter jet, diving in the world’s largest fresh water lake, touring on frozen lakes and rivers or even a visit to the International Space Station orbiting Earth at the height of 400+ Kilometers.

if You can think of it, it’s available in Russia and CIS counties!

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