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Azerbaijan is a bright, colorful, multinational, multicultural state at the crossroads of the historical roads of Asia and Europe. Here ancient architectural masterpieces, spicy flavor of the East, hospitality and temperament of the Caucasus are mixed with European sophistication and Western progress. Such a mixture of styles, tastes, cultural heritage of the past and the possibilities of the future can not be found anywhere else.

Unique nature, an interesting thousand—year history, with its own traditions and customs, vibrant culture, exquisite gastronomy, friendliness and hospitality of local residents – Azerbaijan is rightfully considered the pearl of the South Caucasus. This country is becoming more and more attractive to tourists from all over the world day by day, and the main point of attraction for guests of the republic is the capital. Bright, noisy, brilliant, fashionable Baku.

Another notable area of Azerbaijan is the Gobustan National Park—Reserve. Located just 40 km south of the capital, this open-air museum is attractive for its unique natural landscape. It is also home to the world’s largest collection of petroglyphs. Thousands of drawings can be found in the expanses of Gobustan, and many of them impressed even such an experienced traveler as Thor Heyerdahl. more details >>>