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If You can think of it, it’s available in Russia!

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You will enjoy CIS countries, we will help You to feel here as a home!

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Russia – India: Marketing Head
From Moscow to the farthest reaches, if you can dream it, Russia's got it!

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Discover the wonders of the CIS with us, where every corner feels like home!

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Russia and CIS will surprise and charm you!

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St.Petersburg, Russia: Director
Travel is one of the greatest joys in our life

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Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan: Ground Manager
Unveil the hidden treasures of Kazakhstan and the CIS - where surprises await at every turn!

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Uzbekistan: Ground Manager
From the majestic Silk Road to bustling bazaars, if you can dream it, Uzbekistan's got it

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Georgia-Armenia: Ground Manager
Let Georgia's rich history and vibrant culture surprise and charm you


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Azerbaijan: Ground Manager
From ancient traditions to modern marvels, Azerbaijan await your discovery

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India: Advisor
Across the CIS, experience the beauty of diversity and tradition!

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Round-the-world bicycle traveler, Travel-blogger, photographer, Author
Life is like a riding bicycle - to keep balance you need to move