The Russian Federation,

the largest country on the planet covering 11 time zones has the largest tourism sights, experiences and the largest potential in Europe, quite like what India has to offer compared to the rest of Asia.

Russia is a very lovely, potent and electric convergence of UNESCO World Heritage sights, Culture, History, Architecture, Adventure, Nature and Science, and nowadays accessibility and visa rules are quite simple with various tourism packages, fixed departures and other travel experiences being offerred in India and globally.

Russia,  a destination that can offer whatever comes to your mind and whatever may be your area of interest including flying a MIG 29 2-seater fighter jet, diving in the world’s largest fresh water lake, touring on frozen lakes and rivers or even a visit to the International Space Station orbiting Earth at the height of 400+ Kilometers.

if You can think of it, it’s available in Russia!

Rewind to 1469, India’s First Tourist,

one of the pioneering travelers of the world at the time lands in Revdanda a major port in Maharashtra at the time, he is white skin person with the name of Afanasy Nikitin. He reached on the shores of our country a full 27 years before Vasco-Da-Gama (who we are told was first European to visit India, which does not look so true now…), he is from Tver, near Moscow.

Afanasy Nikitin spent 3 years in India and travelled to Kallur, and departed from Dabhol port to the middle East and back to Russia via the port of Feodosiya which is in Crimea, Russian Federation.

One of the oldest accounts of India from a foreigner’s point of view was written by Afanasy Nikitin on his way back, he called the book ‘Journey Beyond Three Seas’.

It is only logical that with relations going back 550 years with Russia and the 1st Tourist to visit India being a Russian, we must extend the courtesies and experience personally the majesty, beauty and lovely heart Russians have for Indians. And not only for Indians but for the global traveler community as well.

With his goal in mind we are pleased to bring to you this web portal that provides information of the various experiences and sights that a tourist can experience during his tour to Russia.

This resource is alive and will be duly updated as when new offerings and sights are made available for Tourists, do come back often to see the updates and please do register if you wish to receive updates regarding destination Russia, sights, hotels and other tourism information that will assist you in your travel.


Welcome to and a big hearty welcome to the Russian Federation.