Feedback from our Groups

Mr Sanju: Uzbekistan tour, February, 2023

Tour turned out to be a complete surprise, but very pleasant! In the first place, a great organization, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Starting with the guide and then the whole team was pleased with the high level of professionalism, intelligence, education and wisdom. On the other points, I also liked the trip. The food is beyond praise! We were also pleased with trains and train stations. Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and it was very timely, thank very much to RIC your team!

Mr Rahul: Russia tour, July, 2017

From the trip to Russia, the most memorable was beautiful St. Petersburg – probably the most beautiful city we have ever seen – more beautiful than Rome, Paris and taken all together! Thank for Russian Information Center organizing the trip, everything was on time, the bus was wonderful, the guide talked interestingly about the history of relations between India and Russia. There are wonderful Indian restaurants in St. Petersburg, we was satisfied with the food

Mr Vipin: Kazakhstan tour, February, 2019

a great trip to very beautiful places. We are glad that we chose RIC as the organizer of the trip. Our guide Evgenia answered all questions quickly, clearly, professionally. Comfortable car, interesting places. Most of all, I remember the park in Almaty – Kok-Tobe, where you can spend the whole day!

Mr Vivek: Russia tour, July, 2016

Everything from the program to the wonderful company was great! We spent an unforgettable 5 days in Moscow and St. Petersburg, managed to see the Kremlin, Red Square, the Hermitage, Peterhof, go boating under drawbridges at night, and even saw how the Aurora cruiser was brought back to the berth on the Neva River. Thank you for organizing the Russian Information Center , and personally to Paresh Navani and Katrina!

Mr Monty: Uzbekistan tour, February, 2023

The organization of the tour was excellent, there were no overlaps, everything is exactly intime and according to the program. We has fallen in love with Bukhara with its ancient history and authenticity. We didn’t have enough time, I wanted to see more sights, take a leisurely walk through souvenir shops, go to the hammam. Samarkand is a modern and at the same time an ancient city with its “blue” domes. The cuisine is delicious and this is a separate unforgettable experience from the trip, although now i need to keep diet after all the sweets consumed.

Ms Reshma: Kyrgyzstan tour, September, 2022

Missing you All! Big Thank you Paresh Sir and Katrina Mam, Because of Your invitation I met the Wonderful and Positive Minds and lovely country – Kyrgyzstan. The Trip was Too Good – Your Hard work got success. Each and everyone was smiling with carrying nature. I really got a BIG BREAK! Thanks to each member of the group. I am having no words to describe…

Mr Venkatesh & Friends: Uzbekistan tour, February, 2023

The organization is excellent, everything is thought out, it feels like the tour is well worked out, the optimal balance between the saturation of the program and the affordable cost. The hotels are excellent, especially the hotel in Bukhara conquered – we visited the fairy tale The buses are comfortable, even the drinking water was carefully prepared every day. Everything is perfectly organized, there was nothing to wait for, everything that could be included. And entrance tickets, and lunches, and each lunch was not just a snack, but a small feast, a page from a book about Uzbek cuisine

Mr Jatin: Azerbaijan tour, July, 2022

A very interesting and informative trip to Azerbaijan, thanks to the RIC for the organization. A great impression was made by Gobustan, a picturesque rock massif with petroglyphs, as well as Gabala – a real mountain paradise. To be honest, we did not expect such beauties. The place is really unique. I also really liked the Ateshgah fire temple. Our guide Fidan interestingly told about the amazing history of this place.

Mr Jaikul: Russia tour, June, 2017

Most of all I remember the military tour in St. Petersburg… This is what you will tell all your friends, and it will never be forgotten. Thanks to the RIC for organizing the tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg, everything was great – hotels, the program, Indian restaurants, and I hope to see you soon!

Mr Amit: Kyrgyzstan tour, September, 2021

@Russinfo May I sincerely express my gratitude to everyone associated with the Group for making it a memorable trip! enjoyed the company of everyone and experienced a new country – Kyrgyzstan. Banya and Hot Bath Springs on Issyk Kul Lake was an awesome experience…