Since many tourists visiting Crimea make a stop in its capital, Simferopol, which is the most important transport hub of the Peninsula, can rightly be called the “gateway to Crimea”.

A good geographical location, unique natural landscapes, beautiful architectural ensembles of the 19th century, charming religious buildings and simply amazing architectural monuments attract tourists.

The official date of the city’s Foundation is considered to be March 23, 1784, but it traces its history back to the 2ndcentury BC. In ancient times, Simferopol was the capital of the Scythian Kingdom and was called Naples Scythian, and during the rule of the Crimean khanate was called Ak-Mosque (White Mosque). The current name of the city was given by Catherine II, it is of Greek origin and translates as” city of use, city of gatherers”, the symbol of the city is a bee, which is famous for its hard work.

Among the popular attractions of Simferopol are the Scythian Naples archaeological reserve, the house of Prince Vorontsov, the estate of academician Pallas, and the Tauride Bishop’s house. In addition, you can see in Simferopol such shrines as the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the Holy Trinity monastery, Karaite Kenassas, as well as various museums (art, ethnographic, television Museum). The Crimean capital also has a Philharmonic hall, a circus, and many theatres.

In addition, Simferopol boasts beautiful nature. To make sure of this, just walk along the embankment of the Salgir river, which stretches through the entire city. You can also visit one of the local parks or squares. There are many of them in the capital of Crimea. The most popular among citizens are the Park named after them. Gagarin Botanical garden. Vernadsky, a Children’s Park where there are forged sculptures donated to the city.

In the Botanical garden there are several monuments, equipped with a cascade of reservoirs and a number of alleys, created a rose garden, Iridarium and Syringarium. Here grows a variety of trees and shrubs, including two hundred year old London plane tree. The garden nursery has planting material for more than 300 species and varieties of ornamental trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

Children’s Park is also a favourite place for young residents of Simferopol. There is a children’s Observatory, a fairy tale Corner and a zoo (where ostriches, swans, monkeys, bison, bears, wild cats and other animals live). This unique special Children’s Park was created by the very first in the Soviet Union and became the second children’s Park in the world. Until 1976, it was the only one of its kind in the country. Later, following his example, children’s parks were created in Cherkasy, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and other cities of the country.

It is also worth noting that Simferopol can rightfully position itself as a place that is definitely worth visiting during your visit to Crimea!

Location : Crimea

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