In Alushta, in one of the most beautiful corners of the Crimea, there is a historical Museum-the estate of A. N. Beketov. The original building, with elements of Moorish style, was built in 1896 for a family summer vacation on the beach near Alushta for the Beketov-Alchevsky families. Among the family members were a scientist-chemist, artist, architect and other figures of art and science in Russia.

The Museum preserves the memory not only of the ancient Bektov family, known in Russia since the 16th century, but also the living traditions of the old dacha, associated with music, poetry, painting, and family celebrations.

The permanent exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of the outstanding architect A. N. Beketov. Photos from the family album, original furniture, household items of the old manor recreate the atmosphere of a leisurely rhythm of life, activities and hobbies on vacation in Alushta. The old grand piano reminds of musical evenings where the voice of the famous tenor Ivan Alchevsky, a soloist of Russia and Europe, and music with romances by the composer Grigory Alchevsky sounded. The Museum also displays paintings by A. N. Beketov made in Crimea.

The A. N. Beketov estate Museum is a Museum-living room where music, poetic words and fine art meet. Numerous exhibitions and musical meetings are held here, continuing the traditions of the Beketovs ‘ house.

Location : Crimea

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