Scythian Naples in Simferopol is a Museum-reserve near Simferopol. Here an ancient city of the 3rd Century BC — III century ad was the moment, there are still excavations going on, but part of the site is open to the public. Here you will not just be allowed on the territory of the attraction, but also will be given a tour for a nominal fee.

Every year, the exhibition area of the reserve expands until the entire complex of the Central gate and the adjacent southern Palace is explored and reconstructed. The reconstruction of defensive and residential structures is made using only ancient materials — stone, clay, straw, earthen mortar, in order to accurately and fully display the appearance and internal construction of the fortress — the time of the heyday of the state of skilura.

In 2012, the AK-Kaya Archaeological Park was created here, which includes more than 100 archaeological monuments from the Paleolithic to the middle Ages. The key object of the Park is the ancient and medieval fortress of AK-Kaya / Vishennoe, which preceded Naples-Scythian capital fortress of the late Scythians of the Crimea, founded in the darkest century of the history of the Northern black sea region — in the III century BC.

The famous Russian archaeologist count A. S. Uvarov conducted significant excavations at the site in 1853. He noted that Naples originally appeared as a Greek settlement founded by natives of the island of Rhodes, but later turned into the residence and fortress of the Scythian kings.

The History Of The Scythian Naples

In the perimeter of the modern Crimea BC there was a state of Scythians until the III century ad. their capital was Naples. The state ceased to exist after the attack of the Goths-ancient Germanic tribes, but the ancient city was mentioned even later, in the X century. The main Royal fortress of this settlement was found here.

The Scythians are a nomadic people. They occupied the steppe area throughout Eurasia. They fought on horses. But by the fourth century, king ATEI was able to unite many tribes from the Danube to the don. They adopted a sedentary lifestyle. They conquered new lands and started building. Even Alexander the great could not break through their walls. The people are also known for their special attitude to the precious metal. There are many legends about the “gold of the Scythians”, and their value for world culture is undeniable.

Location : Crimea

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