On the coast of the crystal-clear lake Issyk-Kul and at the foot of the Kungei ridge, there is a small beautiful resort town of Cholpon-Ata (literally translated “father of stars”). On the shore of Issyk-Kul, the beaches are snow-white and clean, the water in the lake is bright blue transparent. On the beach you can visit the water park and entertainment attractions, ride catamarans, scooters, motor ship, boat. Tourists who prefer extreme outdoor activities can fly a delta glider or jump with a parachute, surf or dive (a unique opportunity to see the ruins of ancient settlements under water). One of the routes of the Great Silk Road passed through the ancient settlement. The name Cholpon-Ata is a compound of the Kyrgyz words “Cholpon” (Venus star) and “ata” (father), according to Kyrgyz legends Cholpon-Ata is the patron saint of sheep. Cholpon-Ata is famous for its hot mineral springs. The water in them reaches a temperature of about 50 degrees and has a special composition. The mineral content in the underground springs of Issyk—Kul fully corresponds to such recognized giants of mineral waters as Borjomi and Narzan. Depending on the ailment, either bathing in baths, irrigation, or healing mud treatment are used to accelerate recovery. Massages are practiced.

In the old days, there was a small settlement on the site of the resort area, which was founded because of the Great Silk Road running nearby. The name of the city is in honor of one of the saints who was the patron saint of sheep, at least that’s what the old-timers say.

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