Russia hosts 120 Indian agents

13 May 2019

TRAVTALK: “Russia hosts 120 Indian agents”

The Russian Information Center in Mumbai conducted a chartered FAM flight of 120 agents from India to introduce two new regions of Russia and announce the Mumbai-Moscow flight of Ural Airlines. Paresh Navani, Co-Principle, Russian Information Center in India, talks about how they work closely with agents.
by Peden Doma Bhutia from Russia

What was the thought behind hosting a large delegation of 120 agents to Russia?
Russian Information Centre (RIC) has conducted 12 Fam tours to Russia so far. The idea this time was to introduce two new regions of Russia and introduce Ural Airlines’ new Mumbai-Moscow route. What better way than to Russia! Fam tours are always challenging and our largest group size before this was around 50 travel experts with 12 tours under our belt. It was the best way to showcase the service, quality and extent of our capabilities to serve Indian guests in Russia.

The Indo-Russian Tourism Exchange programme was launched in 2016. How has the tourism scenario changed ever since?
The Indo-Russian Tourism Exchange programme was ence the destination decisions of Indian travellers during the summer and holiday seasons. The programme started with aimed at the travel trade in tures. We also launched the Indian-Friendly programme in Russia to make Indian meals easily available to guests. We participated at all the major trade fairs as well as made destination presentations to travel agents from South, West and North India. In the in tourist numbers to Russia.

In what way will agents benefit by working with you?
As a registered tour operator with Ministry of Tourism of the Russian Federation, we issue our own invitations and have our ground staff in nine Russian cities. We are a DMC with our management team consisting of Indian and Russian directors. Our team provides the best source of information to travel agents. RIC has the honour to be the representative of the Government of Russia to promote its destinations. We are also now signed up to Film Commission of Russia, Crimea region. Working with RIC gives the travel trade the quality, price and safety they are looking for.

How closely will you be working with Ural Airlines?
RIC had the privilege to make Airlines’ debut in India. Having presented this opportunity at various forums in the travel soft launch at a ‘Round Table on Tourism’ conducted by RIC during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Delhi in October 2018. Going forward, we shall be assisting the airline in promoting the sector and creating demand from Indian tourists.

How do you intend to popularise Crimea among Indian trade?
Crimea has beautiful scenery, great weather, lovely people, economical shopping and rocking nightlife. The hidden jewel of Russia which was the holiday homes for the Russian Tsars and nobility will be further showcased to travel trade during trade events. We have with 120 travel agents touring Crimea and we hope to have further tours to the region.