Sevastopol is located near the shore of the Black Sea in a green oasis, where tourists eyes are drawn to the transparent waters. It is famous for not only the Navy development, but also utterly fascinating nature that is going to blow you away. Furthermore, there is the Aquarium Museum in the sound of waves, which will definitely inspire you!

Sevastopol Aquarium Museum is the place where the first presentation of the diverse collection of marine inhabitants was. It is voted the greatest monument of the biological sciences because of huge efforts of its founders. Visiting each of its rooms, you can imagine being are real researchers who are meeting the aquatic wildlife of the mysterious Black Sea. The historical building, which the museum is located in, has an unusual architecture and design. This is the main reason why you cannot confuse it with the surrounding buildings. All this and more attracts people all over the world!

The first idea of its founder and a famous scientist Alexander Kovalevsky (1840 – 1901) was to build a biological station. Therefore, it happened in far 1897. The location of the museum is a great luck because of the Sevastopol bay, which is close to it, because it was easy to transport marine species and to add them to the collection. Nowadays there are nearly 180 inhabitants at the Aquarium Museum, including different kinds of tropical fish. You can admire them in the five most interesting halls. You will begin with the aquariums of coral riffs’ species and the end of your excursion will be dedicated to the reptiles diversity. Moreover, do not lose a chance to observe dangerous ocean inhabitants such as electric eel, puffer fish, pelagic sharks and many more! Obviously, the museum guarantee the safety of its guests because it has modern equipment. In conclusion, there are no reasons to be afraid so you can enjoy visiting it with your kids!

For two hundred years, it has been attracting young people from different countries and it convinces us that science can be and should be interesting and accessible for everyone. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Sevastopol Aquarium Museum!


Authors: Dovgalyuk Angelica, Korolev Stepan, Foreshev Paul



Location : Sevastopol

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