The Ethnic Park, located in Turkestan, will introduce you to the cultural traditions of the nomadic peoples of Kazakhstan and give an idea of the way of life and customs of ancient times. It is part of the territory of the Azret-Sultan State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum.

Conventionally, the ethno-aul is divided into two parts: on one side there are yurts, including the main khan’s yurt (a paved path leads to it), where those who wish can get to know this amazing dwelling of nomads, the internal and external structure, as well as the history of the yurt. On the other side is artisans Street, made in medieval style – straw-clay rectangular rooms with arched windows. There tourists get acquainted with the traditional crafts of nomads, such as carpet weaving, felting, making wooden, stone, jewelry, pottery, etc. All rooms are equipped with special tools. There is a gastronomic zone where dishes of national cuisine are presented.
In addition, on the territory of the village there is a platform for performances, a decorative cart, an ancient well, an Altai-bakan swing, gazebos, a shooting range, ancient stoves, etc.
The location for the ethnic park was chosen very well – right behind the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Thanks to the opening panorama with ancient buildings, the atmosphere of the medieval city feels even sharper and brighter. The city of Turkestan has long been recognized as the spiritual capital of the Turkic world, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. And around the ethno-village are the main attractions of the city.

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