Timur Amir (Tamerlan) 1336-1405 Great state man and strategist of medieval times. He is among the 5 strategists of all time: Alexander the Great, Hanibal, Attila, Gingis Han. He won all the battles and did not lose any. During his reign (35 years) he built a huge empire stretched between Volga and Gange, between Tian San and Bosphorus. His empire was the most powerful in the world at that time. He destroyed the “golden hordes” and liberated the peoples of Europe and the Russian Mongol yoke rulers. The Gur Emir Mausoleum, the central city masterpiece. Begun in 1403. Composed of 3 edifices. He has a cannula dome with 64 ceramic ribbed segments. Diameter 15 m and height 12.5 m Decorated with wood sculptures, stone engravings, stalactites and stained glass, mural painting. The blue and golden predominance. In the mausoleum is buried outside Timur, 3 of his children, astronomer Ulug Bek with his children. Mausoleum complete restaurant in 1996.

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