One of the oldest cities in Central Asia and Uzbekistan’s “Dubai” — it’s all about Tashkent! In one day You can discover both sides of the eastern capital: you will get acquainted with the New Tashkent City, taste delicious pilaf, get lost among the streets, madrassas and mosques of the Old City and make amazing shopping in Uzbek colorful Chorsu Bazaar.

Tashkent is home to many impressive examples of Soviet-era architecture, as well as traditional Uzbek architecture, such as the Khast-Imam complex, which includes a madrasa, mosque, and minaret. Tashkent is a melting pot of different cultures, and visitors can experience the traditional music, dance, and art of Uzbekistan. In Tashkent you can see many high-rise buildings, shopping centres and modern infrastructure. Tashkent also has a lively nightlife with numerous clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from.

“Must See Places” in Tashkent

  • Kukeldash Madrasah is a 16th—century educational institution near Chorsu Bazaar.
  • Khast-Imam is a large—scale religious complex. These are the oldest buildings of Tashkent, mosques and madrassas that have survived to the present day. There is a library of Oriental manuscripts and the world-famous Ottoman Koran.
  • Chorsu Bazaar is the heart of the city, where the caravans of the Silk Road have crossed for centuries. The Oriental bazaar has hardly changed since the Middle Ages: here you can also buy spices and spices, ceramics and souvenirs.
  • The Old City – The Old City in Tashkent is residential buildings of the late 19th century, these are medieval architectural monuments: the Hazreti Imam Mosque, Barak Khan and Muyi Muborak madrassas, ancient manuscripts and many other interesting things!
  • Tashkent City is a real metropolis of Central Asia with a park, a singing fountain, a Hilton hotel and restaurants.
  • Madis City is Asia’s largest all—season amusement park with an oceanarium – a real DisneyLand!.

Uzbekistan is not only hot deserts and plains — the mountain resorts of Amirsoy and Chimgan and the Charvak reservoir are located here, mountain views are not inferior in beauty to the Alps.

Visit the grand locations that Uzbekistan have to offer!
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