Cosmodrome “Vostochny”

This is the first civilian spaceport in Russia, and by far the most modern spaceport in the world. Tourists have the opportunity to visit the cosmodrome in the launch and inter-launch periods. During the launch period, you can observe the installation of the rocket on the launch pad and the launch of the spacecraft. In mezhpuskovaya – visit the technical complex where the rocket is being prepared for launch.
The size and incredible scale-that’s what amazes tourists on the “East” most of all. In the Installation and testing building, the total area of the building is almost 45 thousand square meters, the height is 37 meters. The mobile service tower has a unique seven-tiered structure, weighing 1,600 tons, and a height of 52 meters.
In addition to the cosmodrome, you can visit the new Russian city – BUT Tsiolkovsky, built literally in the middle of the Amur taiga. In Soviet times, the city was classified. Today, the city is still a closed area, but tourists have the opportunity to walk through its streets. In Tsiolkovsky there is a museum of the history of cosmonautics, which contains interesting exhibits from the beginning of the space industry to the present day.

Location : Amur Region

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