It is impossible to imagine Baku without bazaars spread around the city and beyond. Getting to know the city will be incomplete without visiting them. Baku is famous for its colorful bazaars – it is an explosion of colors, sensations and tastes. Each counter is a perfect background for artistic photos. There you can buy all kinds of goods — Fruits, vegetables, nuts, souvenirs, clothes, household items and anything. And the locals buy everything they need at the bazaars. The most famous are: Yashil Bazaar, Teze Bazaar, Sadarak Bazaar. 

Baku bazaars are not just trade, but also places of communication. Local sellers are very sociable and welcoming, always happy to communicate with both buyers and tourists. 

Walking there, you will definitely find something for yourself, or buy gifts, souvenirs for family and friends.

And after this pleasant walk, you definitely need to enjoy the famous Azerbaijani tea in one of the many tea houses, and of course with national traditional sweets.

Visit the grand locations that Azerbaijan have to offer!
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