Yalta is considered the holiday capital of the Crimea. In addition to treatment in sanatoriums and boarding houses, Yalta is famous for its palaces and castles, beautiful nature.

The city that has earned the honor of being proudly called the resort capital of Crimea. Indeed, Yalta, located on The black Sea coast in the South of the Peninsula, annually attracts tourists from all over the world with its stunning nature, sophisticated palaces of the Imperial elite, parks, beaches, Crimean cuisine and the magical atmosphere of the southern resort city.

According to one legend, the name of the city comes from the Greek word “Yalos”, which means “Coast”. The legend says that the lost travelers wandered for a long time on the seas and could not find land, when suddenly out of the fog appeared it — the shore. “Yalos!” the Greek shouted. Since then, the current name of the city has appeared.

The territory of Greater Yalta, which is more than 70 kilometers long, covers an area of 900 hectares, including 30 villages, such as: Gurzuf, Nikita, Massandra, Alupka, Foros, Gaspra, Simeiz, and so on. Each of these places is unique in its nature, stunning views and architectural, natural structures.

In Yalta, everyone can find entertainment for themselves, starting from hiking in the mountains (AI-Petri peaks, Botkin trail) excursions to museums, palaces (Massandrovsky, Livadiysky, Vorontsovsky) and ending with fun dancing until the morning.

Yalta is also a sea port where cruise ships enter the Harbor. Guests and residents of the Peninsula have the opportunity to explore the southern Coast of Crimea from the sea, from the sea pier goes a lot of ships with exciting excursions, where you can see the swallow’s nest, Parus rock, Cape AI-Todor, numerous parks and hotels, palaces and much more.

Of course, the main attraction of the city of Yalta is the famous embankment Lenin, on which once walked the famous Chekhov’s “the lady with the dog”, a monument which is located in the same place.

The resort city envelops guests with its unique, cozy, hospitable atmosphere and energy, charms at first sight, so you always want to return to it.


Massandrovsky Beach

“Massandrovsky” beach is surrounded by magnificent vegetation and natural landscapes. The entire beach area is equipped with changing rooms, showers and toilets. There are shade sheds and European-level restaurants, fitness equipment for sports and table tennis. For children, there are separate activities: a variety of water attractions.

The beach is also equipped for people with disabilities.

You can get to the beach by walking from the Embankment towards the seaport, then a small climb and along the path past the boutiques without turning anywhere.

The beach is open from 7 am to 7 pm.


Yalta-Intourist Beach

The beach of the Yalta-Intourist hotel is a place of colorful and filled with joy. This is the only two-level beach in Crimea with natural white sea sand.

The beach is equipped with shade canopies, umbrellas, sun beds, changing booths, shower, toilet, storage cells. The approximate capacity is 3000 people.

There are also 10 restaurants and bars on the beach, an eco-market with natural Crimean products, points of sale of beach equipment, water attractions (3 free slides for all guests, a water Park for an additional fee), animation for children and adults, a children’s room, a massage room, an aquarium with exotic inhabitants of the underwater depths.

Location : Crimea

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