Dolphinarium Akvarel can rightly be considered the pride of Alushta. The new modern building with a transparent dome-hemisphere and a huge auditorium for 700 people greeted their first visitors at the end of August 2013 and immediately gained regular customers. The name was chosen for a reason, because everyone knows the ability of dolphins not only for circus art, but also for painting. The Dolphinarium displays several water colour paintings drawn by dolphins.

The Dolphin show is an exciting performance where the audience witnesses the performances of such stars as Hector, Neptune and Gena, who can play basketball, sing, jump, draw, juggle and even dance. In addition to acrobatic tricks, dolphins perform various tasks on logic, reasoning items.

The water in the pools is seawater, it undergoes a special treatment. Aquarelle Dolphinarium hosts performances with the participation of talented bottlenose dolphins and fur seals, as well as Dolphin therapy sessions for children with disabilities.

Adult Dolphin therapy helps with chronic fatigue syndrome, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation after strokes. Such therapy is also justified for children’s neuroses, phobias, delayed psycho-speech development, down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity syndrome and behavioural disorders.

Dolphin therapy has a number of unique advantages, including the climate, developed resort and recreational and tourist infrastructure. Dolphin therapy in Alushta, combined with the clean sea and spicy air of the Crimean coast, impregnated with iodine and coniferous phytoncides, can work wonders for its visitors!

Location : Crimea

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