Guardian Of The Empire, an Interactive Entertainment Complex

The Guardian of the Empire is a high-tech art object, museum, entertainment center, and hotel in one interactive fantasy project.

The complex is designed as a fantastic futuristic spaceship and includes:

– 12 cabins for 3 crew members ready to stay.

– Reception, control room, kitchen, mess hall.

— There are three 3D simulation of the control room.

— 3D first-person simulator, platform with suspension.

Guests can take 40-minute excursions with the opportunity to participate in 3D virtual technologies, drive a VR Racing Car, participate in space battles on the Cat Walk VR virtual reality platform. They will also see Museum exhibits dedicated to the conquest of space, from Yuri Gagarin to Darth Vader, meteorites and soil samples of planets, regeneration capsules for astronauts and spacesuits for crew members, and incredible fantastic space weapons.

Visitors will be able to restore strength and energy with the nutritional elements of modern cosmonauts and the nutrition of future astronauts, pass exciting quests where the fate of the Universe and the salvation of extra-terrestrials will be in their hands. In addition, everyone will be able to participate in the creation of their own blockbuster films.

The Museum completely immerses you in the life of the spacecraft, interactive panels and audio accompaniment create an unforgettable experience of an expedition to another Galaxy that will remain in your memory forever. In addition to excursions to the museum, fans of space travel can continue their journey in the space hotel, the rooms of which completely copies of the cabins of a spacecraft, where the effect of flight is created.

Throughout the ship there are Museum exhibits from science fiction films, space history, meteorites, samples of modern technology-projectors, 3D TVs, tapestries, interactive tables, computers, etc.

A competitor to Space-X on Earth, a very unique out-of-the-world experience which cannot be missed!

Location : Crimea

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