Yalta zoo “Skazka” (fairy tale) opened in 1995. This is the first private zoo on the territory of the former USSR. To date, the “fairy Tale” is home to more than 100 species of animals from different continents of the globe.

Many of the animals were maimed and tended by its employees. In recent years, the zoo has been buying animals under international contracts signed with the Association of European Zoos and Aquariums. Here you can see pelicans, squirrels, monkeys, Ussuri tigers, rabbits, Himalayan bears, peacocks, ostriches and many other animals and birds. Each animal in this zoo has its own name written on a sign. You can take a photo with each of them.

On the territory of the “fairy Tale” all the time you can hear music with sounds of wildlife. There are lots of souvenir shops, cafes, and funny distorting mirrors. This zoo differs from others in that it is possible to feed animals and pet all but the predators. At the entrance to the “Fairy Tale” there is a special table with food for animals, which you can buy to feed your favorite animal.

In the Yalta zoo, you can visit the “Babushkin courtyard” – an area where Pets are located: dwarf pigs, ponies, sheep and goats.

The number of inhabitants of the zoo is very impressive. More than 1500 individuals of 100 species live soul to soul with the surrounding world and is a rare example of the harmonious unity of man and animals. Next to tigers, lions, bears, leopards live goats, rabbits, dwarf pigs and other “small things”. Birds are widely represented. Eagles, vultures, sepoys, African and Australian ostriches proudly look at visitors. Bright decorative hens, Guinea fowls and fascinatingly beautiful peacocks walk majestically along the paths, and real white and black swans swim in the pools.

Location : Crimea

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