Taigan Safari Park is located in a very picturesque area of Crimea, 50 kilometers from Simferopol. This is the first Park of Lions in Europe. About 60 African lions live freely on an area of more than 30 hectares of the Crimean foothills. It took a lot of effort to create the Lion Park. For more than five years, animals were collected from various zoo collections in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe, and some were specially brought from the Republic of South Africa, such as unique white lions, which are not found in any zoo in the CIS countries.

Visitors to the Park can observe lions in the natural environment of Crimea. At the same time, visitors are located on safe specially equipped bridges located above the territory with lions. The length of the observation bridges over the Safari Park is more than 1 km.

Under the supervision of the owner and inspirer of the Taigan, Oleg Zubkov, you can touch and play with lions and tigers, as well as their cubs. Perhaps you can not do this in any other place on Earth!

In addition to the lion Safari, the park also has a children’s mini-zoo, as well as a stationary zoo, where ungulates, mammals, and birds are represented.

The Park has a complete infrastructure for recreation for adults and children, there is a cozy European-class hotel, restaurants, bars, meeting halls, entertainment venues, and even a Ferris wheel, which offers unforgettable large-scale spectacular views of the nature of the steppe Crimea, Taigan reservoir and White mountain. The total area of the Park is more than 32 hectares.

In September 2016, a delegation from India visited the Lion Taigan Park, the group was in Crimea on a promotional tour organized by the Russian Information Center in India, at the invitation of the Ministry and Resorts of the Republic of Crimea. Oleg Zubkov personally met the delegation, and a festive dinner was organized, after which the guests could chat and pet lions and tigers, under the supervision of Oleg (pictured)

Location : Crimea

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