The Antelope Park “Safari Ranch” in Kozya Balka in the Crimea is home to many representatives of the animal world and the world of birds. This is a unique place, it has a fenced area, but inside it you will not find cages or aviaries.

Here you can enjoy the beauty of the Crimean nature for hours and watch the natural life of wild animals from the equipped “Safari lodges” that stretch along the valley of the mountains.

A trip with a personal guide through the pasture will cause great delight for children and will impress even the parents. After all, Indian buffaloes and African Ostriches, European Fallow deer and Red deer, Latin American Lamas, Mongolian Yaks and Afghan Marhur will walk in the open space right in front of visitors.

A fascinating sightseeing tour on a convertible bus will introduce you to the history and sights of Old Crimea, and from the top of mount Karluba you can enjoy a stunning view of the Feodosiya Bay and the Koktebel Bay.

Various themed areas, a kitchen with a tandoor oven, fragrant coffee on the sand and human contact with nature and wild animals — all this you will see in the antelope Park “Safari ranch” on the plateau of mount Karluba, at an altitude of 320 meters above sea level, in one of the most picturesque places in Eastern Crimea. Don’t miss!

Location : Crimea

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