The Viking film Park is the first cultural and historical center in Russia and the largest in Europe. The revived city of the Viking age of the 8th – 9th centuries was created in the Crimea near the valley of the Red Caves of Kizil-Koba. It is believed that this is where the “places of power” with powerful positive energy are concentrated. Now the legend of the Vikings has come to life here.

To create a settlement of the early middle Ages, the scenery of the feature film “Viking”was used. The film with a budget of 1,250,000,000 rubles, a stellar cast and the largest-scale scenery in the history of Russian cinema will be released at the end of 2016.

In the Viking film Park, you can join the life of a medieval settlement. Behind the fortress gates and palisades, the King’s house, Drakkar, authentic market, artisans ‘ houses, watchtowers, smithy, Armory, shooting range, and even a square for military training are recreated. You can try on Viking armor, throw a spear, fight with battle axes, shoot arrows, go to the forge and forge your first sword or at least a coin yourself. Here you can fry your own meat in a barbecue or go to a medieval restaurant.

Professional guides will tell you about the life, traditions and customs of the Vikings. Here you can learn the true historical facts, and myths will be mercilessly dispelled.

Inside the city, tourists will find themselves among farmers, artisans and warriors, hear the hammers of the forge and the music of ancient years, take part in traditional medieval games, archery and dancing. Everyone will be able to try themselves as a warrior, Potter, blacksmith, take a photo against the background of a Drakkar − a wooden Viking ship. During the day, there are reconstructions of fights and duels of soldiers.

The evening program is a mystical spectacle to the sound of shrill horns. Legends will come to life, runic symbols will predict the future, and the battles of soldiers in the light of lighted torches will be remembered forever.

And, of course, a feast awaits everyone. Fish, fruits, vegetables, freshly baked bread and alcohol that are  organically produced in Crimea!

Location : Crimea

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