Chufut-Kale is a unique historical site and a legendary cave fortress city located in the vicinity of the Bakhchisaraydistrict. We can say that this Crimean landmark was inherited from the small peoples who lived in these places, namely the Alans, Kipchaks, Karaites.

The famous Chufut-Kale is located in the vicinity of Bakhchisaray and is considered one of its main attractions along with the Khan’s Palace. In ancient times, it was called Kyrk-Or, which means “forty fortresses”. Today it is called the “Jewish city”. The history of these places is much older than it might seem.

Back in the distant 18th century, the most powerful tribe of the Alans lived in the fortress at that time. The inhabitants were engaged in agriculture, trading with neighbouring countries. But soon the tribe was captured by the Golden Horde. It was then that the fortress was named Kyrk-Or. The location and power of the fortress were appreciated, and the first Khan placed his residence here.

After the Crimean khans were relocated to Bakhchisaray, Chufut-Kale became a citadel of the capital and a place of captivity. Later, in the middle of the 17th century, the Tatars leave Kyrk-Or, only the Karaites remain to live. The Tatars considered them Jews, so the city was renamed Chufut-Kale (Jewish fortress). The fortress of Chufut-Kale became the home of the Karaites for the next two hundred years.

Location : Crimea

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