Dacha or manor Stamboli in Feodosia — one of the pearls of the Crimea. A romantic mansion built in 1914 on a hill above the sea in 1914 was built by the millionaire tobacco magnate Stamboli for himself and his family

Architect FR. Wegener developed the project of a building in the Moorish style. A special Oriental flavor is given to the mansion by a four-tiered tower resembling a minaret, as well as hemispherical domes, turrets, covered galleries and terraces, extensive basements and wings. Windows in horseshoe arches are decorated with mosaic colored glass. Inside, you can see a marble staircase, stucco ceilings and parquet with beautiful patterns.

During the great Patriotic war, the building was used as a hospital, first for wounded Soviet soldiers, then for wounded German soldiers, and absolutely did not suffer from the fighting. After the collapse of the USSR, since 1991, the Dacha Stamboli housed a hotel and restaurant.

On June 10, 2013, the exhibition of the Museum of underwater archaeology in Feodosia opened in the building of the Stamboli Dacha.

Now, visitors of the Museum can not only enjoy the interiors, but also view unique exhibits raised from sunken ships of different times, from antiquity to the Second world war. A modern restoration laboratory is located in the basement of the centre, where specialists preserve newly identified archaeological artefacts and prepare them for public viewing.

Location : Crimea

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