Grigoryevsky Gorge is a long and picturesque gorge located on the northern shore of Lake Issyk—Kul, near the village of Grigoryevka of the same name, famous for its wooded slopes and three mountain lakes.

Grigoryevsky Gorge is very popular with tourists, as well as the neighboring Semenov Gorge, because of its relative ease of accessibility and stunning beauty. The gorge is located on the Kyungei-Ala-Too ridge and has a very remarkable relief. Very narrow areas here are suddenly replaced by fairly wide valleys and vice versa, and along the course of a stormy and fairly full-flowing river, 3 small lakes with swampy shores are formed. The slopes of the Grigoriev Gorge are extremely wooded, and the forest zone begins already in the lowest part.

The gorge is one of the most visited sights of Issyk-Kul. In summer, you can stay here in one of the many yurts that are put up for the summer period. There are also many tourist routes to the neighboring Semenov Gorge, through the Kek-Bel pass, as well as to the western part of the Kyungei-Ala-Too ridge and the Trans-Ili Alatau.

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