Shyrdak — felt carpet is one of the most difficult in its technique of making felt products among Kyrgyz people. For Kyrgyz, shirdaks, along with kiiz, were the essentials of everyday life. They were laid on the floor or on the grass. Recently, small shirdaks have been very popular among foreign tourists. Learn the handicraft skills passed down from generation to generation in the Shyrdak workshop, where the craftswoman will teach you the basics of how to make these magnificent traditional carpets and wall decorations that adorn homes and restaurants across the country. The art of creating shirdaks or ala kiyiz is a centuries-old tradition intertwined with Kyrgyz nomadic life. The Kyrgyz traditional art of making – shyrdaks and ala-kiyizov is famous for its felt carpets decorated with natural colored ornaments. When the sheep left the ark, there was a felted carpet in the room

During the master class, you can participate in the manufacture of shyrdak yourself, even come up with a design, arrange it to your liking and make a gift with your own hands.

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