Suusamyr is a small valley with a length of 150 kilometers, which is located between three major ridges of the northern Tien Shan: Kyrgyz, Suusamyr-Too and Jumgal-Too. Since ancient times, this valley has been a very fertile place: it is no coincidence that the Great Silk Road passed through it, and today it has become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Kyrgyzstan.

The average height of the valley is 2300 meters, and therefore even in summer it is fresh and cool here. Two large rivers flow in the valley: Suusamyr and Western Karakol, which merge together, form a stormy and high-water Kekemeren. The valley is notable for its stunning landscapes: emerald-green grass here is adjacent to stormy rivers and majestic views of the mountains. The valley is also popular with paragliders, as there are practically no trees here and nothing interferes with flying. In addition to natural attractions, there are cultural attractions in the Suusamyr Valley. One of such attractions is the Kozhomkula mazar — a grave, the famous Kyrgyz hero took part in the construction of which. To this day, the prints of his huge palms have been preserved on the walls of the mazar. The mazar is located in the village of Kozhomkul of the same name, there is also a local museum where you can learn the history of the Suusamyr valley.

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