Boat trip to Algaya cordon

A boat will take tourists from the city of Zey along the picturesque Zey reservoir to the Algaya cordon. On the way, you can take photos of the unique Zey nature.
Upon disembarking, tourists will be met by the” owner ” of the cordon Mikhalych, who will tell about the unique flora and fauna of the reserve, its amazing Evenk name, which arose from the legend about a beautiful Evenk girl named Bekeldeul, whom the rich Prince Sanyr wanted to marry. However, the girl loved the poor Evenk Langro and ran away with him. Sanyr gave chase…
What happened to the legendary heroes next, and why the highest point of the Soktakhan ridge, located on the territory of the reserve, is a mountain with a height of 1470 m.It was named Bekeldeul – tourists will find out after visiting Algai. There are also wooden houses and a sauna for tourists. But the local fish soup and the famous Ivan tea will especially appeal to you…

Location : Amur Region

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