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To see the rocket launch with your own eyes, dig up a dinosaur and most importantly enjoy the miracle of completely untouched nature in the endless taiga (forest), click a photo of Amur tiger or Siberian deer in the wild, get acquainted with the ancient Evenk tribes and make friends with deer – all this can be done in the Amur region in just a few days!

In Amur region, there are not so many tourists, and the roads pass through the most beautiful steppes-past hills and rivers, and in some parts of the region you can only drive on an all-terrain vehicle

This beautiful region is located in the Far East of Russia, in its capital Blagoveshchensk, you can get to China just by swimming across the impressive Amur River. Here, the future contrasts with the past-from the flight into space at the Vostochny Cosmodrome to the art of ancient people – there are petroglyphs in the Amur nature reserves. And yet, it is believed that it is here, in the deep taiga, in the mountains, there are ancient secret places of power, which are still guarded by shamans…

Amur is something that you should feel in your life at least once!