Kuruktachi Estate

The Kuruktachi guest Estate attracts tourists from all over the Far East. It is located near the village of Talakan in a gorge near the largest power plant in the Far East. Here you can fish for pike on the Bureysky reservoir, ride a boat, there is a horse farm, a lake with lotuses, an apiary, a St. Ilyinovsky spring, Buryat yurts are installed nearby. In “Kuruktachi” there is a three-storey guest house, on the territory there is a green courtyard with a playground, a sauna with access to the river, there is a pier for boats. Home-cooked meals are served.
For young guests in the courtyard, the new owners have equipped a separate small house for games. You can go to the poultry yard, where turkeys, roosters, pied hens and other feathered inhabitants live, as well as deer, raccoons, llamas and even ostriches.
Yurts brought from the Baikal region were also installed here for guests. National dwellings are made of Baikal pine and natural felt.
Tourism in the Bureysky district is developing. When people come here for a longer period of time, they can visit many local attractions. For example, the spring of Elijah the Prophet with a font, the water there is healing and very tasty, soft. Guests take her away with them, someone washes, and someone completely dips into the font. There is also a church with a painted vaulted ceiling, with the permission of the priest, you can climb the bell tower. A very beautiful view comes off from there. From the hill of Love, there is also an impressive view-on the river valley, on the hydroelectric power station. The ecological trail of the Simichi tract is located 30 kilometers from us. You can walk along it, sit in a gazebo over the river. Even further away is the “Pinezhye”. This is an ecopark organized by the famous mountaineer Vladimir Pinegin
Here you rest your soul. Silence, bird trills, cuckoo cuckoo, mountain stream, home comfort… a feeling as if nature has embraced you and kissed you. This place makes you fall in love with yourself.

Location : Amur Region

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