Rock paintings of ancient tribes

Several unique historical and ethnographic monuments are located in the Amur Region. Rock carvings, or, as they are otherwise called petroglyphs, scribbles, have long attracted the attention of not only researchers but also ordinary people. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that this is a message to a modern person from the distant past.
The writings were preserved in the Magdagachinsky, Arkharinsky, and Tynda districts.
One of the oldest is located in the Zeysky district. Arbinskaya pisanitsa is a huge granite rock located on the shore. It is 30 meters high and 120 meters long. Mythical creatures are depicted on the planes in red ochre. The drawings date back to the turn of our era.
Pisanitsy are located in the wild taiga, it is usually difficult to get to them. Nevertheless, there are always travelers who are ready to go through this difficult path in order to study the scenes from the life of ancient man.

Location : Amur Region

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