The date of foundation Of the house of Champagne wines “Novy Svet” is considered to be 1878, when Prince Lev Golitsyn purchased the estate Novy Svet and decided to engage in a new, promising business, the production of champagne. Golitsyn had a goal to create an exquisite drink that is not inferior to the best French samples. At the same time, “New World” champagne has been produced exclusively by French technology for all these years, and each bottle of the precious drink is manually placed for maturation in specially built basements under the direction of Lev Golitsyn, where it is aged for at least 3 years.

Already the first batches of champagne, released by Golitsyn in the 80-ies of the 19th century, received wide international fame. Golitsyn was the first winemaker who received the right to print the Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire on the etiquette of their wines.

In 1896, in honour of the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II, Prince Golitsyn provided the court with a batch of his champagne under the brand “Coronation”. This was the first time in the history of the coronation of Russian emperors when non-French wine was served to the court.

In 1900, at the world exhibition in Paris, the new Golitsyn champagne received the highest award of the Grand Prix. As part of the exhibition, a gala dinner was given in honour of the Chairman of the Expert Commission, Count Shandon. During the celebration, a curious incident occurred: the count of Shandon, confused the champagne “Moet & Chandon” with the Crimean champagne “New World”! It was truly a triumph of Prince Golitsyn and his Crimean champagne. For the first time in the world, his handiwork was valued so highly.

However, after the October revolution of 1917 and the civil war, the estate and factory in the Novy Svet were raided and looted many times. The situation was relatively stable by 1920, and the company in the Novy Svet was nationalized. The countdown has begun for a completely different time, a different history — the history of the Novy Svet Champagne Factory, whose official date of Foundation is considered to be December 1, 1920.

On the territory of the Plant, excursions are held, as well as champagne tastings, where you can try various varieties of elite sparkling drink and even buy it on the territory of the plant at a price from the manufacturer.

Location : Crimea

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