It is a home to many representatives of the animal world and the world of birds. This is a unique place, it has a fenced area, but inside it you will not find cages or aviaries.… Read More

In addition to large water slides, the complex has a wave pool with an area of 2000 square meters and a depth of up to 1.8 meters, a children’s Playground with mini-attractions like Aquadrome… Read More

The name was chosen for a reason, because everyone knows the ability of dolphins not only for circus art, but also for painting. The water in the pools is seawater, it undergoes a special treatment… Read More

On the farm, guests can get acquainted with donkeys and their homes, take a donkey ride along the picturesque mountain route, relax in the cherry orchard. Each visitor is issued a “Certificate of Honorary Donkey Rider”.… Read More

High-tech art object, museum, entertainment center, and hotel in one interactive fantasy project with 12 cabins for 3 crew members ready to stay, control room, kitchen, 3D simulation of… Read More

This is the first Park of Lions in Europe. About 60 African lions live freely on an area of more than 30 hectares. Here guests could chat and pet lions and tigers, under the supervision of mr Oleg… Read More

Collection of wines of “Massandra” today has no analogues in the world. In 1988, it was listed in the Guinness Book of records not only because of the number of stored samples, but also for their uniqueness… Read More

In 1900, at the world exhibition in Paris, Novy Svet champagne received the highest award of the Grand Prix. As part of the exhibition, a gala dinner was given in honour of the Chairman of the Expert Commission… Read More

Unique exhibition of all the architectural attractions of the Crimean Peninsula, collected in one place. Here the models of the most beautiful sights of the Crimea are reduced by 25 times… Read More

For more than 50 years of existence, the Simferopol circus has been visited by stars of the world circus art, people and honoured artists of the USSR and all the World… Read More

This is the first cultural and historical center in Russia and the largest in Europe. The revived city of the Viking age of the 8th – 9th centuries was created near the valley of the Red Caves… Read More

A mixture of sea, mountain and steppe air, the beauty of the surrounding nature creates a unique fairy-tale atmosphere on 20,000 square meters of water pleasure… Read More

This is the first private zoo on the territory of the former USSR. To date, the “fairy Tale” is home to more than 100 species of animals from different continents of the globe… Read More

Tour to Inkerman begins with the extensive underground galleries of the wine cellar, one of the largest not only in Russia, but in Europe. To assess its scale, it is enough to imagine 7 football fields… Read More

Various landscapes of the coast and good wind conditions of Sevastopol will be appreciated even by experienced yachtsmen. It is the sea route that allows you to visit places in Sevastopol… Read More