Such mesmerising views that open from the old road from Sevastopol-Yalta, probably no longer exist in the entire Crimea. The road was built thanks to count Mikhail Vorontsov. He was the first to explore the wild coast and built the first luxurious Palace and the path that opened the southern Coast of all of Russia.

The main entrance to the coast was through the Baydar gate. It is from the Vorontsovskaya road that you can see the Grand and unusual natural monument of Baidar-Kastropolskaya wall, which runs for several kilometers to the East of the village of foros. This stone monolith consists of five mountain peaks up to 700 meters high.

You can climb the Baidar-Kastropolskaya wall moving in the East direction from the Baidar pass, in parallel admiring the beauty of the southern Bank and the beginning of the AI-petrinskaya Yayla, and the route ends at the neighboring pass Shaitan-Merdven (devil’s ladder), through which the pedestrian route passes. You can use it to go down to the South Bank, or to the Baydar valley to the village of Rodnikovoe.

Location : Sevastopol

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