Such mesmerising views that open from the old road from Sevastopol-Yalta, probably no longer exist in the entire Crimea. The road was built thanks to count Mikhail Vorontsov.… Read More

Baydar valley (or “Crimean Switzerland”) is one of the most picturesque places in Crimea, which is a natural Ampi theater surrounded by mountains… Read More

Disputes between experts about the correct spelling of the name of the Cape-Fiolent or Feolent have not subsided until now. According to one version, the name Feolent… Read More

The mountain pass — the Devil’s ladder pass-has long been known to people. It was also used by Roman legionaries who were traveling from Chersonesos to the fortress of Charax on the Cape of AI-Todor… Read More

Groth located in the ancient sanctuary of Diana (in Greek mythology, the same goddess was called Artemis, in Taurus — the Virgin), where the victims were thrown into the sea. … Read More

Nature has generously taken care of tourist attractions in Sevastopol. On its southern coast, at Cape Fiolent, all three landscape areas of the Mountainous Crimea meet: the Foothills, the middle Mountains… Read More

The sea in Laspi is considered the cleanest on the southern coast, the beaches are covered with small pebbles, and the air has healing properties due to the junipers, cypresses and Crimean pine growing here… Read More

One kilometre to the North-West of the village of Foros, there is an unusual pyramid-shaped rock with a rounded top and a cliff facing the sea… Read More

Almost directly above the Cape of Ayia is located the mountain kokia-Kala (from the Greek “Koka” – head and the Turkic” Kala ” — fortress)… Read More

Thousands of years ago, nature began to work on the creation of the Skelskaya cave. This unique natural monument is based on a fault formed in the mountains she was aided in the job by waterRead More

The first fortifications in the mountains near Balaklava were built by British allied forces in the middle of the 19thcentury. The Fort itself, which was part of the system of Southern Forts… Read More

Various landscapes of the coast and good wind conditions of Sevastopol will be appreciated even by experienced yachtsmen. It is the sea route that allows you to visit places in Sevastopol… Read More

The mountain is also notable for the fact that here, a little below the monastery, there is a “Temple of the Sun” − 7 pointed rock ledges located in a circle with a large stone-block in the center… Read More

There the voices of street vendors came, breaking through the cries of flying gulls, and the waves splashed on the pebbles on the shore, like 25 centuries ago… Read More

Place where the first presentation of the diverse collection of marine inhabitants was. It is voted the greatest monument of the biological sciences because of huge efforts of its founders.… Read More