Baydar valley (or “Crimean Switzerland”) is one of the most picturesque places in Crimea, which is a natural Ampi theater surrounded by mountains. It got its name from the old name of the village Orlinoye-Baydary. Previously, the only road from Chersonesos to the fortress of Charax on the Cape Ay-Todor passed through the valley.

In 1848, in honour of the completion of the Yalta — Sevastopol highway on the Baydarsky pass, the architectural monument baydarsky gate was built, from the observation deck of which opens a fascinating view of the baydarsky valley, the Foros Church and the Black sea.

The Baydar valley is rich in sights that have witnessed different eras. Skelskaya stalactite cave, dolmens in the village of Novobobrovsky, Shaitan-Merdven or Devil’s ladder, the Baydar gate with an observation platform, a spring in Orlin, Uzunji canyon, the most ancient “inhabitants” of Skelsky menhirs-all of them will captivate with their beauty and riddles, which you can get acquainted with while traveling through the Baydar valley.

Location : Sevastopol

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