The mountain pass — the Devil’s ladder pass-has long been known to people. It was also used by Roman legionaries who were traveling from Chersonesos to the fortress of Charax on the Cape of AI-Todor.

The Shaitan-Merdven, Merdven, Stairs, Ladder, Devil stairs — are varius names of this pass. Despite the fact that many trails and roads through gorges are laid through the Main ridge, there are no similar topography in Crimea. The most important meaning of the Devil’s ladder in ancient times — the road and the pass. Here is the shortest route from the foothills to the South Bank through the Main ridge. Many people have visited the Devil’s ladder, leaving memories of it in diaries, letters, literary and scientific works. Pushkin, Griboyedov, Dubois de Monperet, Pallas, Zhukovsky, Bunin, Garin-Mikhailovsky, Bryusov, wanderer — a whole constellation of celebrities.

The length of the Devil’s ladder is about 1 kilometer, the average steepness of the climb is about 15-20°. The ascent from the entrance to the exit is 100 meters vertically, with about 40 turns.

The devil’s staircase ends at an altitude of 578 meters above sea level. It offers a fascinating panorama of the southern coast from Foros to Simeiz. The views will hypnotise you.

Location : Sevastopol

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