The settlement Kultobe is the oldest cultural, religious and trade center of the Great Silk Road, which at different times was called Shavgar-Yasy-Turkestan. The surveyed archaeological sites reveal a unique picture of the city’s life in the context of four most important historical periods of Kazakhstan:

1st-5th centuries – the Kangyui period, represented by a cruciform temple, a citadel and a fortress wall of the citadel;
VII-IX centuries. – the early medieval period with residential and public buildings, surrounded by a fortress wall;
X-XII centuries – the medieval period, characterized as the heyday of urban culture and the period of life of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi;
XVI-XIX centuries – the period of the Kazakh Khanate, the times of strengthening the geopolitical and spiritual significance of this city for rallying the nomadic tribes into a strong state union.
Each era of the settlement is represented by characteristic archaeological sites from sacred places to residential premises and many artifacts.

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