Built in 1712 , this beautiful mosque is clearly influenced by Persian design. is an enduring witness of the past, a priceless 18th century monument that surprises with its beauty and grandeur. Bolo Hauz Mosque was built at the command of Emir Shahmurad. Bolo Hauz Mosque, the main Friday mosque of the Emir of Bukhara up until 1920. On holidays, precious carpets were spread across the entire square, from Ark Fortress to Bolo Hauz, as the Emir made his way to the famous Bukhara mosque. The main focal point of the mosque is the aivan, which demonstrates the skill and creativity of its architects and sets the mosque apart from more traditional Central Asian mosques. Its thin wooden columns, topped with capitals and elegant stalactites, are reminiscent of slender palm trees and add a delicate beauty to the Bolo Hauz complex. Bolo Hauz Mosque in Bukhara continues to beckon visitors with its unusual beauty, peaceful atmosphere and mystical awe.

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