Photo tour to Amur: On the trail of Siberian deer

Russia: Amur. Norsk Nature Reserve. A unique natural phenomenon – migration of Siberian roe deer across the Nora River

100% guaranteed photos of wild life

Endless, impenetrable forests, tundra shelter for rare species of birds and animals, amazing plants and wildlife for thousands of kilometers without the presence of a human. Here, every September, on the Nora River, you can see a unique natural phenomenon – the mass migration of Siberian roe deer. It is here that the roe deer leaves the ground and overcomes a stormy and impassable river. During the day, you can see how 250-300 individuals cross the river in a small area and capture unique photos of these animals.

1st Day  

Arrival at Blagoveshchensk, Breakfast at the Mercury hotel

Blagoveshchensk City tour, boat trip along the Amur river

The village of Krasnoyarovo, acquaintance with the village life and traditions, master classes, Russian Banya (sauna)

Overnight: Krasnoyarovo Guest House


2nd Day

Village Uglovoe, wooden church in the forest

Start of the route by water on Motor boats on the Selemdzha and Nora rivers

Tour of forest trails, dinner, sauna, gatherings around the campfire, barbecue

Overnight: Forest log huts

3rd Day  

AM: Birdwatching

Water route by boat (photo of roe deer, search for endemic plants-Saxifrage, scythe with chalcedony)

PM:  Sauna, bonfire, barbecue

Overnight: Forest log huts


4th Day  

AM:  Photo of roe deer and other animals

Transfer to Blagoveshchensk,

Free time in the city

Overnight: Mercury Hotel 4*

5th Day  

Transfer to Airport

Flight to Moscow


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