Jur-Jur waterfall is the most powerful waterfall on the Crimean Peninsula. The waterfall is located on the Ulu-Uzen mountain river in the haphal tract, near the village of generalskoe. The average water consumption of 270 liters per second, height of 15 meters, width of up to 5 meters, does not dry up even in the driest years, unlike other Crimean waterfalls. Upstream of the river is a cascade of very spectacular waterfalls and rapids, with a total drop height of about one hundred meters.

Waterfall baths

Jur-Jur waterfall has its own baths, which, despite the temperature of +10 degrees, are very popular with visitors. The secret is in the legends and fairy tales that go around them. Each has its own name:

  1. Bath Of Youth: Everyone who has bathed will feel much younger, if you believe the stories of the locals.
  2. Bath Health: According to legends, bath water fills a person with positive energy, which can cure diseases, and takes away negative energy.
  3. Bath Of Love: It is very popular among both young couples and single people. If you believe the legends, the bath will help a single person find love, and those who are already in love-to strengthen the Union.
  4. Bath Of Joy: Guarantees the appearance of Onna a few seconds after diving into its icy water.
  5. Bath Of Happiness: According to the stories, plunge into it, and something good will happen.

Location : Crimea

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