The crown of the southern coast of Crimeafrom top of the mountain Al-Petri, crossing a suspension bridge over a 200metres deep chasm you will be greeted by magnificent views of the towns of Yalta… Read More

It occupies one of the first places among walking tourist routes. Here you can admire the stunning scenery, mountain rivers, lakes, waterfalls, walk on a suspension bridge, and swim in the “fountain of youth”… Read More

Jur-Jur waterfall has its own baths, which are very popular with visitors. The secret is in the legends and fairy tales that go around them. Each has its own name: Bath Of Youth, Bath Health… Read More

Karadag is one of the oldest extinct Volcano in Europe. “Dead City “-so aptly and expressively called a chaotic pile of rocks on the ridge” hoba-Tepe“, translated from the Turkic ”Peak with caves”… Read More

Emine-Bair-Khosar cave (or Mammoth cave) is one of 150 karst caves located in the lower part of the Chatyr — Dag mountain range, near Simferopol. This is one of the most beautiful and unusual caves… Read More

This cave is the largest of all available on the resort region of the peninsula and is the most popular mountain cave that fascinates tourists with its extraordinary sights… Read More

It is the most recognizable hill on the southern Coast of Crimea. A place of attraction for tourists, rock climbers, archaeologists and vacationers.… Read More

Reserve covers an area of 470 hectares and covers one of the most picturesque corners of Crimea.The mountain slopes are covered with relict pine and juniper groves… Read More

Museum-reserve – an ancient city of the 3rd Century BC — III century ad was the moment, there are still excavations going on, but part of the site is open to the public. Reconstruction of defensive and residential structures is made … Read More

A treasury of beautiful landscapes and historical attractions! Walking along the Sunny path in the shade of southern trees, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Yalta surroundings… Read More

The mountain is also notable for the fact that here, a little below the monastery, there is a “Temple of the Sun” − 7 pointed rock ledges located in a circle with a large stone-block in the center… Read More

Special splendour and mystery to the figures is given by a dense nebula that settles on the Valley of ghosts. The valley of ghosts resembles an unusual theatre, in which the figures begin to “come to life”… Read More

Three-quarters of the reserve’s territory is covered by forests, both coniferous and deciduous. Forests of the unique “Crimean pine” grow along the entire southern slope of the mountains and… Read More

Disputes between experts about the correct spelling of the name of the Cape-Fiolent or Feolent have not subsided until now. According to one version, the name Feolent… Read More

Nature has generously taken care of tourist attractions in Sevastopol. On its southern coast, at Cape Fiolent, all three landscape areas of the Mountainous Crimea meet: the Foothills, the middle Mountains… Read More