The Yalta Mountain Forest Nature Reserve

The territory of the Yalta mountain forest reserve stretches from Foros in the West to Gurzuf in the East. The highest point of the reserve is Mount Roka, which is 1,349 m high. In some places, the border of the reserve runs close to the sea.

Three-quarters of the reserve’s territory is covered by forests, both coniferous and deciduous. Forests of the unique “Crimean pine” grow along the entire southern slope of the mountains and descend to the sea itself. The second largest areas are oak and beech forests. In the reserve you can find hornbeam, ash, juniper, pistachio, prickly wood and Eastern hornbeam.

The plant world of the Yalta reserve has 1363 species of plants. Some of them are endemic: Crimean Pine, Crimean Peony, Crimean Saffron, Low Carnation, Crimean Bindweed, Naked Nettle, China Palata, Dubrovnik Yaylinsky, Crimean Prilomnik, etc.

In addition to scientific research and nature conservation activities, the reserve is engaged in active educational and educational work. For this purpose, a Museum has been created on the territory of the reserve, as well as special routes that help visitors to the reserve to learn more about the nature of the Crimea and imbibe themselves with the idea of an attentive, eco-friendly lifestyle.


Attractions located on the territory of the reserve:

  • AI-Petri mountain is one of the most beautiful and most famous in Crimea.
  • “Shaitan-Merdven” or the devil’s ladder.
  • Sunny or” Royal ” path, about seven kilometers long, between the villages of Livadia and Gaspra. It has no steep ascents and descents, and is very comfortable for walking.
  • Wuchang-su is a waterfall with a height of 98 meters.
  • Three-Eye Cave, which got its name due to three holes-eye sockets equipped with a step descent to the great hall, in the middle of which is located a non-melting block of ice, illuminated through the upper hole.

Location : Crimea

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