A cluster of rocks that are located near Alushta and is a collection of bizarre stone sculptures created by mother nature. Wind, rain, and earthquakes have done a good job on the rock. As a result, you can see mythical creatures, stone animals, and even human figures and faces in the stone blocks. The play of light and shadow during the day adds to the mystique, changing the outlines of stone giants.

A special splendour and mystery to the figures is given by a dense nebula that settles on the Valley of ghosts. The valley of ghosts resembles an unusual theatre, in which the figures begin to “come to life”, change shape, colour and even shape.

From the Simferopol — Alushta highway, a stone figure resembling a female bust is clearly visible. This figure was called the “Profile of Catherine II”, or “Catherine’s Head”. One of the pillars — a Giant-is a stone mass with a diameter of 5 meters, rising up to 25 meters. On the sides of it are piled pillars and columns of smaller sizes, up to 10-20 meters high. There are more than a hundred such stone “ghosts” in the valley.


Valley of Ghosts welcomes you to its splendid horror!

Location : Crimea

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