The third hydroelectric power station in the region – the Zeyskaya HPP – is located in the Zeysky district. This is the first-born of the Far Eastern energy industry with the highest dam of the contraforce type in Russia, that is, hollow inside. Travelers can visit the inside of the sma dam, and see how it works.
The Zeysky Sea (reservoir) is located in the Amur region on the territory of the Zeysky Reserve, created in 1963. The reservoir was formed in connection with the construction of the Zeyskaya hydroelectric power station on the Zey River in 1964. It is built in the place of the so-called Zey Gate, where the river cuts through the chain of mountain ranges Tukuringra and Soktakhan.
The length of the reservoir is 225 kilometers, the maximum width is 24 kilometers, the depth is from 4 to 30 meters. In terms of water volume, it ranks third in Russia. In winter, the ice thickness reaches more than 150 centimeters.
The Zeisk reservoir in the Amur region will appeal to amateur fishermen. Here are found: burbot, pike, chebak and Amur catfish, taimen, whitefish, grayling, sturgeon. In addition to fishing, you can visit the reserve with its beautiful mountain landscapes, diverse animal and plant life.

Location : Amur Region

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