For most tourists, Sevastopol is associated with an ancient port city. This image persists today. Blue bays with batteries of deadly ships, blooming boulevards with memorials and monuments commemorating the exploits of sailors. After visiting Sevastopol, you will enjoy its beauty, feel the atmosphere of romance and heroic victories.

Like most bays in Crimea, the territory of present-day Sevastopol has attracted settlers since ancient times. It was here, in ancient times, that the Greeks built the city of Chersonesos. In the 1st century ad, Sevastopol (translated from Greek – “Holy city”) or Akyara (the old name of the settlement) passed into the possession of the Romans. They gave the city to Byzantium three centuries later. In the 9th century, the territory of the port was occupied by Tatar nomads and Genoese. From the 15th to the 18th century, the city of Akyar was part of the Ottoman Empire. It was only at the beginning of the 19th century that the city of Sevastopol passed into the possession of Russia. Since 1804, it became the main black sea port of the Russian Empire. After the collapse of the USSR, in 1991, Sevastopol was ceded to Ukraine. Until 2014, the black sea fleet base of Russia was located on the territory of the port city. In March 2014, as a result of the signing of the Declaration of independence of Crimea, Russia assumed control of the city, giving the city of Sevastopol a special status.

Sevastopol is a city rich in sights. Natural and historical objects are intertwined here. Formidable ships and once impregnable Forts fit harmoniously into the beautiful landscapes. The most popular place is the ruins of the ancient city of Chersonesos. They are located three kilometers from the center of Sevastopol. Today, Chersonesos has the status of a historical Museum-reserve. On its territory, the oldest buildings have been preserved: the Agora, the ancient amphitheater, the medieval Basilica temple.

In the immediate vicinity of Chersonesos are the Vladimir and Peter and Paul cathedrals, as well as the tower of the winds – an exact copy of the famous tower installed in Athens. According to legend, it was in the Vladimir Cathedral that Prince Vladimir was baptized.

On the” Central hill”, towering over Sevastopol, there is a panoramic viewing platform. It offers views of the entire city. The first thing that catches your eye is the stairs descending from the hill. There are ten staircases to the lower part of Sevastopol. They connect the historical part of the city with the Boulevard . Suvorov and Nakhimov square. From here, you can walk to the seaside Boulevard and the most famous monument – to sunken ships. The monument was erected in memory of the ships sent to the sea floor by Admiral Nakhimov to stop the enemy’s advance.

On the shore of Sevastopol Bay, to the North of the port, the Mikhailovskaya battery is located. Previously, the impregnable structure was turned into a Historical Museum. Here are stored the rarest exhibits preserved during the battles of the 18th and 19th centuries. The walls of the battery offer a wonderful view of the Bay and the city.

In the vicinity of Sevastopol there are small cities-Balaklava and Inkerman. They were recently incorporated into the city district. Here, you can also see historical monuments and walk along the picturesque embankments.

Don’t forget about beach holidays. There are dozens of sandy and pebble beaches in Sevastopol Bay. Bathing areas are located both within the city and far beyond its borders. Choose a place with your favorite view and enjoy the sun and sea after walks and excursions. All beaches of Sevastopol are free of charge.

There are various ways to get to Sevastopol. By plane: arriving at Simferopol airport and driving by bus or taxi about 80 km. By train: there are regular passenger trains from the mainland to the Peninsula. By car: there is a road from Kerch to Simferopol. the route from the Crimean bridge connecting the Peninsula with the mainland is 300 km and takes about 5 hours.

The cuisine in the port city is varied. Of course, for hundreds of years, ships from many countries have visited here and brought various recipes. Of course, the proximity of the sea leaves its mark. And the most popular dishes are prepared from seafood. There is also Indian cuisine. The favorite street food of tourists is fish-barabulka and horse mackerel.

Sevastopol is a unique port city with a rich history, beautiful nature and wonderful inhabitants. Here you will find everything you can wish for while traveling. Cultural monuments and historical sites, picturesque nature and inviting beaches. Is it possible to remain indifferent and afar?!


Author: Alexander Smagin

Location : Sevastopol

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