Visit Sevastopol

Sightseeing – Museums – Nature

For many tourists, Sevastopol (located on Crimea peninsula) is associated with an Ancient Port City. This image persists today. Blue bays with batteries of deadly ships, blooming boulevards with memorials and monuments commemorating the exploits of sailors. After visiting Sevastopol, you will enjoy its beauty, feel the atmosphere of romance and heroic victories. Sevastopol is a city rich in sights. Natural and historical objects are intertwined here. Formidable ships and once impregnable forts fit harmoniously into the beautiful landscapes. The most popular place is the ruins of the ancient city of Chersonesus. In the immediate vicinity of Chersonesus are the Vladimir and Peter and Paul Cathedrals, as well as the tower of the winds – an exact copy of the famous tower installed in Athens. According to legend, it was in the Vladimir Cathedral that Prince Vladimir was baptized. From the main street – Primorsky Boulevard, you can walk to the embankment and the most famous Monument – to Sunken Ships. The monument was erected in memory of the ships sent to the sea floor by Admiral Nakhimov to stop the enemy’s advance. In the vicinity of Sevastopol there are small towns – Balaklava and Inkerman. Here, you can also see historical monuments and walk along the picturesque embankments. Cultural monuments and historical sites, picturesque nature and inviting beaches.  Read more >>