Almost directly above the Cape of Ayia is located the mountain kokia-Kala (from the Greek “Koka” – head and the Turkic” Kala ” — fortress). Another variant name is Kokiya-Kaya-Bash. It rises 558.8 meters above sea level, its southern slopes go steeply to the sea, and the Northern slopes gently tend to the beam that separates kokia-Kala from the mountain Samnalykh Burun.

According to researchers, there was a medieval Byzantine village, fortress and monastery at the site.

From the cliff above the sea, you can see the “Lost world” – a piece of coast where you can only get by boat from Balaclava. From here, an almost impassable gorge leads down from the top and you definitely should not try to go down, no matter how inviting the turquoise water on the deserted beach.

Also through the top of kokia-Kala passes the walking route Big Sevastopol Trail.

Location : Sevastopol

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